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Beef Direct from the Farm

Our retail meat is 100% natural

There are NO antibiotics, hormones or additives. From birth to beef it is raised on our farm.

Our cattle herd grazes on our fields and pastures and are finished on a corn based diet. Every animal has a unique electronic ID # with a complete history.

Only the very best in our herd are chosen and sent to our local abattoir to be government inspected and processed.

After it is dry aged for fourteen days the packages are flash frozen to lock in freshness. This is available to purchase direct from the farm as halves, quarters or individual retail cuts.



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Ready for Christmas?

Stop by the beef store today and stock up for the holidays!

  • Christmas Roast

    We have a wide selection of roasts available for your holiday meals. Gather the family for a beautiful meal while you warm the home with your oven while baking one of our sustainably-raised Sirloin Tip Roasts. Stop by the store to see more. We've been proudly serving the community of Chatham-Kent for more than 10 years, with customers coming from all over Ontario to experience our beef direct from the farm.

  • Wide selection of beef

    Visit our store today to see our wide selection of beef. From ribs to brisket, steaks, sausage, jerky, burgers... we have it all. Buy beef direct from the farm.

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