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Ethically Raised, Sustainable Beef - Direct from the Farm

Our beef is hand selected from the best of our mixed herd. It is raised in an environmentally friendly manner with the cattle grazing our local fields and pastures and finished on a corn  based diet. This means the best of grass fed and corn fed beef for ultimate flavour, sustainability and ethical farming practice.

With four generations of farming experience behind us, we continue to innovate utilizing sustainable, environmentally friendly farming techniques combined with ultrasound technology to provide our customers with the highest quality of direct from the farm beef.

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Our Beef

Our retail meat is 100% natural.

There are NO antibiotics, hormones or additives. From birth to beef it is raised on our farm.

Our cattle herd grazes on our fields and pastures and are finished on a corn based diet. Every animal has a unique electronic ID # with a complete history.

Only the very best in our herd are chosen and sent to our local abattoir to be government inspected and processed.

After it is dry aged for fourteen days the packages are flash frozen to lock in freshness. This is available to purchase direct from the farm as halves, quarters or individual retail cuts.


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Ethical, sustainable, environmentally-responsible Beef

Four Generations of Experience

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Want to master the art of BBQ and steak preparation? Buis Beef, a family-owned business with four generations of expertise in raising high-quality, sustainably raised beef, shares their top tips for the ultimate BBQ and steak experience.

From selecting the right cut of beef to the nuances of preparation and grilling techniques, they've got you covered. Discover how to bring out the best flavors of their locally raised, 100% natural beef right from the farm.

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From birth to beef: the story of Buis Beef

Like most producers coming out of BSE, Joanne and Mike Buis knew they had to make changes to their feedlot operation. As third-generation farmers, the couple and their families have been raising beef in Chatham-Kent for over 75 years. Over the years, though, the operation has seen significant change.

“To make cow-calf work in this area is a bit of a challenge,” says Mike Buis. “We needed a system that would work as a whole system.

“When we started out we were strictly a feedlot and ...”

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On farm beef store sells homegrown, premium beef (no added hormones or antibiotics) direct from the farm. Individual packages, freezer packs, sides and quarters.






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